A replacement folder and drive icon set.
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Icons are not something I generally work on however, because of the number of folder icons you see on a day to day basis and remembering the days of MacThemesForum, I do like to dabble with System Folder Replacement sets as they can quite significantly change the feel of an operating system.

One of my favourite (two) icon sets from that time period are the two MINIMUM icon sets created by Sascha Höhne and METAL was created, in part, as a tribute to those.
METAL is available in 5 Colours.
Platinum, Aluminium, Steel, Cerulean and Manilla.
Included are several drive icons including Mechanical Drives, SSD's and External Drives.
Several styles are available. With and without Pinstripes and a selection of bases.
You can download the METAL icon set in formats compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.
Licensing Information
The short version is that there is no License :)
The long version is do whatever you like with it aside from selling it or re-hosting it – instead, please link people to this page.
Found an issue?
If you have found any issues with the Library then you can report any bugs that you find on the GitHub Issues board.
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