Hi, I'm Keir!
I'm a visual designer based in the heart of Sussex, U.K. currently working at Sketch.

I specialise in building Design Systems and Mobile, Desktop and Web Interfaces.
When i’m not pushing pixels or building documentation, I can be found reading about Science, Technology, lost in some fiction or stargazing.

I’ve had an interest in how things are designed and built since I was very young, trying to figure out how things worked (sorry to my parents for the numerous things I dismantled!).

Over the years, because of my history working on various different platforms, I have designed websites and applications for Windows, macOS, iOS/iPadOS and Android.

In 2019, I had the pleasure of being able to join Sketch, where I am currently working as a Design Systems Manager, managing and documenting our internal Design Systems, and begun contracting for Apple, working on their Design Resources, a role I continued for 2 years.
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macOS UI Library
The most comprehensive and precisely designed UI Library for macOS.

Available exclusively for Sketch.
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Gaming Setup.
As an avid PC Gamer, I have put together a setup that I really enjoy using and thought I would share a little information on it here!
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A replacement folder and drive icon set.

Available for macOS, Windows and Linux.
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Las Vegas style Blackjack.

I have worked on some interface updates and I am currently working on the required designs and implementations of the new Multiplayer features.
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Browser's UI Libraries.
A Library to help you take a design or screenshot and place it within a variety of different browsers.
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Apple Icon Grids Library.
A Library containing the Icon Grids used to help design icons for the various Apple platforms.
View Apple Icon Grids Library
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